about us

YEKTA TAJHIZ ALBORZ.Co is one of the precursors in the field of design, production and import of new medical and rehabilitation equipments.

From the commencement of activity, this company is using optimal methods, deploying expert and experiences engineers, and has been made broad studies in the field of design and production of medical and rehabilitation equipment. During a short term, this company has been succeeded to produce air filtration and disinfection and levels and other medical and rehabilitation equipments.  These products are competitive with the foreign samples and after completion of all quality control stage and receiving necessary production permits from the related Organizations and systems, are exploitable.

YEKTA TAJHIZ ALBORZ, has been rendering activity in the field of production and carrying out necessary services for these kind of equipment simultaneously with import of medical and rehabilitation systems during the current year and with the aid of the best and most qualified sale, technical and after –the sale services experts, and relying on the scientific background, now, is one of the most skillful companies, supplying needs of hospital and other medical and therapeutic centers of Iran.

In the meantime, we are honored that we obtain quality management international standard (ISO 9001:2008) and Medical Equipment Quality Management Standard (ISO 13485:2003).

Obtaining these certificates is an assurance for the purchaser and commercial parties of this company which are cooperating with a systematic organization holds a qualitative approach.