Diagnostic Audiometer KA 450

          Diagnostic Audiometer KA 450   Classic Diagnostic Audiometry System with full PC Integration Our Diagnostic Audiometer KA 450 is both stand-alone and fully PC operable - as you like! It‘s large and ergonomic designed control panel not only looks superior but also makes using the device elegantly easy - because all controls are in the right place. It features an audiogram form mount with LED backlight for half automatic recording in stand/alone mode as well as first-class magnetically detent level dials and a standard line Input for speech material from CD‘s or PC.Interfacing the device to our PC software increases it‘s features further on: simultaneous operation on device an PC, automatic recording of examinations in integrated database, sophisticated reporting of results and speech tests from harddisk, to name but a few.   The Device The device  is built as a  tabletop unit but can also be  fully embedded  into the audiometry  table,providing  for  theprofessional appeal of a modern workplace.     -  Two-Channel Tone- and Speech Audiometer - Air Conduction incl. Sennheiser HDA 280 up to 120 dB  in mid frequency range HL - Bone Conduction incl. RadioEAR B-71 up to 70 dB  in mid frequency range HL -  incl. Free Field Output - incl. Free Field Amplifier - incl. auxiliary Outlet for Insert-Phone or HF-Headset - extended Frequency Range 125 Hz ... 12.5 kHz    - incl. Examiner Headset and Patient Switch for Patient comm. - incl. Connector for Talk Back Microphone for connection to Sound Proof Booths - No medical PC required since the USB Interface in the device is galvanically isolated.   The Software The  key  to  efficiency  is  our  Software  OtoCure  Suite.  It‘s  an integrated,  self  contained  software  package  and  includes  a Database  for storing Patients, Audiograms, Tympanograms, ...     -Easy Installation Setup takes care of complete installation including driver  Database, etc. No complex Server installations or driver  settings required.   -Full Customization Symbols for all Tests can be customized to adopt regional standards. Likewise Print Forms can be fully customized to  comply with regional documentation requirements. On top, the software provides extensive support for localized speech testing: import your Speech Test CD to Harddisk and add  track information - gain ease of use, full control and documentation of   your speech testing.   -Easy Operation -Ton Audiometry -  Extended Frequency Range in Basic Version 125 Hz ... 8 kHz + 12,5 kHz, High Frequency optional -  Hearing Level, MCL and UCL measurements -  3 separate curves for with/without hearing aids -  Symbols for all curves customizable -  manual or synchronous masking -  Superimpose previous curves to show shifting -  Document tuning fork tests     -Speech Audiometry             -Manual Speech Test with external Sources like Cd‘s -  Superior Speech Testing with HD-Speech Module:Provides CD Ripping to PC‘s Harddisk and editing of track  information to tell the software start, end and content of  words and sentences inside a track.During testing, single words are presented and the examiner asses correct/incorrect intelligibility by software. So full  documentation of the test is recorded by the software  automatically. -  Word in Noise Tests: mix masking channel onto examined ear -  Automatic adaptive testing: Edit rules for each presented sentence that change levels  based on the Patients intelligibility. -  3 separate curves for with/without hearing aids -  Symbols for all curves customizable -  separate curves for Discrimination Loss, MCL and UCL -  Interface to Westra Wave Audiometrie     -  Special Tests   - Tinnitus Measurement              - Tinnitus Masking with broad- ornarrowband Noise monaural or binaural masking -  SISI, ABLB, Lüscher, Langenbeck  (Tone in Noise), Stenger - Sophisticated Print Management The finally printed document is presenting your work to the Patient - and therefore needs to show the same high quality as your work! This is ensured by the OtoCure Suites Sophisticated Print  Manager:  -Many predefined print forms provided -Allows to create new print forms or change existing forms -Add, move, Patient Data, Ton- and Speech Audiograms, Tympanograms, Text, Graphics, Images. Logos and set  colours, line styles, etc. - Includes Electronic Document Management: Textfields and Checkboxes can be added to any form. These can be filled in before printing in the preview window.Filled in documents can be stored in the integrated database!      -Allows to create print forms that fullfill requirements of national healts services