MOBILE QUICKLY DIAGNOSIS EASY TO USE TOUCH SCREEN CUSTOMIZABLE CONFIGURATION COMPUTER-BASED CONSULTING MODE     The Otodia device is exclusively dedicated to otoacoustic emissions. It comprises two measurements: by click with the TEOAE, by acoustic distortion products with the DP-gram and by a phase shift of the distortion products with the Shift-OAE.Tests can be carried out either stand-alone in outpatient mode or from a computer with a USB connection. Since it is easy to use and thanks to its modular haracteristic, the device is perfectly adapted to ENT doctors.With its reliability and quickness of execution, the Otodia device will allow you to measure the cochlea integrity in an objective way. The detection of transient-evoked otoacoustic emissions (TEOAE) is a real asset among the hearing tests battery. The DP-gram makes it possible to assess the damage to outer hair cells, thus the degree of deafness. The Shift-OAE technology enables to diagnose in a objective way the presence or not of a hydrops . Portable : with its carrying case, it is possible to use the Otodia device out of the consulting-room. Ultra-light, it easily fts in your hand. On its color touch screen, you can display the results of the tests and analyze them without using paper or a computer. Computer-based  : connected to your computer with a USB connection, you can drive the Otodia device from your PC or Mac computer through to the free Echosoft software provided. The program also allows you to manage your patients’ database as well as to export and print results.