Hearing Aids


As our Flagship line, Olé is one of the finest hearing instruments ever developed. The Olé hearing instrument is the first open fit, completely in the canal hearing device with AirTouch™ Multi-Memory. Amazing sound quality, noise reduction and virtual invisibility make Olé exactly what you desire from a hearing device.
Olé products are also available in other traditional styles with additional features appropriate for various hearing loss.

From the inventor of Open Tube Technology comes Olé, the first open fit completely in canal hearing device with AirTouch™ Multi-Memory. The Olé combines the comfort of an Open Ear device with the invisibility of a deep in the canal hearing aid with no occlusion.
The Olé provides ample high frequency gain, allowing professionals to meet the needs of patients with a mild to moderate hearing loss. The Olé appeals more to patients due to its easy placement, minimized maintenance and no need for tips, tubes or molds. The Olé is also equipped with AirTouch Memory which allows users to select between memories with the greatest of ease by simply tapping the outer part of the ear canal.
The Olé does not require buttons or switches and does not need to be touched to change memories. The device may also be programmed with SpeechPro, the world’s first fully automated real ear fitting system .... “simply talk and it programs!”
Patent Pending

While you may never actually hear the many ways Olé reduces noise, it will happen, seamlessly. Our goal was to ensure that all styles of products would benefit from three layers of noise reduction. Style does not limit access to this world class feature. The different layers include:
1. Steady state noise – such as a computer fan or even con
stant humming from a refrigerator.
2. Pseudo-random noise – reducing noise between the gaps
in speech.
3. Quick reacting – rapidly restores volume for soft speech
when in the presence of loud sounds.
All of our devices emphasize speech in challenging situations making listening natural and comfortable.

Conversation is an ever-changing signal with a broad range of frequencies and dynamics. Looking for an instrument that can keep up? Dynamic Speech Enhancement uses a system of compression to enable you to listen to a soft and loud voice during the same conversation.
Sudden changes to signal levels are automatically adjusted for by the micro-processor - no need to constantly adjust your volume control. The success of this automatic feature means all styles of Olé are available without manual volume control. We want you to be in the middle of the conversation, never over or under-amplified.

Whistling is not a concern with Feedback Shield. While all styles of instruments have limits to the amount of feedback they can cancel, we have maximized our canceller such that it can “seek and destroy” feedback across a wide band of frequencies. Feedback-Shield utilizes an adaptive phase canceller, which means if your surroundings change and the signal causing feedback changes, then the Olé changes.

Data logging is a counseling tool for the fitting professional to help monitor patient usage of certain controls to facilitate user benefit/comfort. The following is a summary of the DATA being logged:
• Amount of time device is used
• Memory changes, how long in each memory
• VC changes, VC position, average VC position
• Low battery events, hours used before a low battery event
has occurred

AirTouch Memory allows patients to select between memories with the greatest of ease. By simply tapping the outer part of your ear canal the sound pressure triggers AirTouch. The Olé does not require buttons or switches and does not need to be touched to change memories.
With your fingers together, lightly tap the ear canal area. This will toggle successively from the first memory through the fourth, and then back to the first.

Open ear BTEs are best used with directional microphones in order to focus on sounds arriving from the front. Microphone placement can significantly affect the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), localization ability and spatial awareness (Dillon, 2001). Some directional systems are compromised by adaptive noise reduction algorithms and feedback management systems. They are usually only useful with close talkers. Over time, directional microphones can lose their matching sensitivity as well.
Since the microphone of the Ole’ is within the auricle, the spatial awareness of the brain’s head-related transfer function is restored. The Ole’ restores localization and directional cues of the pinna in real time, creating a more natural sounding instrument. The increase in wind related noise usually attributed to BTE instruments is also greatly reduced, naturally!

Sounds such as violins, synthesizers or wind instruments are known to confuse other hearing instruments into believing feedback is present. This could alter music as well as other types of signals such as alarms or beep tones. Music Maestro ensures that the instrument will not be caught off guard.

Olé Features
Digital / Programmable
AirTouch™ Multi Memory
No Feedback / No Whistle
Tinnitus Masker Option
No Tubes, Tips or Molds
Retains Natural Ear Resonance
Easy Placement
High Frequency Power
No Echo
Secure For Active Patients
Better Comfort / No Tickle
Retains Natural Directionality
Less Perspiration Damage
Minimize Maintenance
Wax Barrier

Olé Color Options