Hearing Aids

EVõK takes into account your unique hearing needs. Automatic features and multiple listening programs allow you to enjoy family, friends, telephone, the television, and even demanding environments like restaurants. EVõK lets you savor life and join in the fun.


Conversation is an ever-changing signal with a broad range of frequencies and dynamics. Looking for an instrument that can keep up? Dynamic Speech Enhancement uses a system of compression to enable you to listen to both a soft and loud voice during the same conversation.
Sudden changes to signal levels are automatically adjusted for by the micro-processor - no need to constantly adjust your volume control. Because of the success of this automatic feature, all styles of EVõK are available without manual volume control. We want you to be in the middle of the conversation, never over or under-amplified.

While you may never actually hear the many ways EVõK reduces noise, it will happen, seamlessly. Our goal was to ensure that all styles of products would benefit from three layers of noise reduction. Style does not limit access to this world class feature. The different layers include:
Steady state noise – such as a computer fan or even constant humming from a refrigerator.
Pseudo-random noise – reducing noise between the gaps in speech
Quick reacting – rapidly restores volume for soft speech when in the presence of loud sounds
All of our devices emphasize speech in challenging situations making listening natural and comfortable.


Whistling is not a concern with Feedback Shield. While all styles of instruments have limits to the amount of feedback they can cancel, we have maximized our canceller such that it can “seek and destroy” feedback across a wideband of frequencies. Feedback-Shield utilizes an adaptive phase canceller, which means, if your surroundings change and the signal causing feedback changes, then EVõK changes with it

Designed for life, the HydroGuard system provides greater protection from moisture and humidity than the typical hearing instrument. Some models offer waterproof microphone protection, while others position the microphone making them less vulnerable to moisture and allowing easier maintenance.
EVõK offers various wax barriers which have been shown through years of research to prevent damage and reduce the occurrence of breakdown. Further protection includes a moisture resistant coating on the internal circuitry.
While hearing instruments contain sensitive electronic components, Persona Medical is continually designing features which help you to maintain spontaneity and motion.

Some of the noisiest environments are the most fun: family gatherings, social events, restaurants, ball games, and shopping malls to name a few. Understanding conversation in noise can be a challenge for those with a hearing loss. Directional microphones are an effective way to improve speech understanding. By listening to the surroundings, the EVõK automatically switches to a directional microphone system when needed.
Speech algorithms and comfort levels are simultaneously adjusted and optimized to help improve understanding in noise. We believe in making your life easier. Finding solutions to increase understanding in noise is a primary focus of the EVõK line. Work less, play more!.

Stay connected! With friends and family living all over the country, the telephone is an invaluable tool for staying connected. Re-connect with EVõK’s TeleSolutions. Seamlessly answer your call without pushing any buttons or switches.
EVõK’s advanced TeleSolutions automatically switches to telephone mode and activates the most appropriate settings for telephone listening. Amplifying the signal without the surrounding noise, TeleSolutions gives special attention to the voice on the other end. You have more important things to worry about…like who to call next!
With new technologies emerging daily, we have connectivity options on some styles which will allow you to connect to wireless devices such as Bluetooth or other Direct Audio Inputs or Induction Loop Systems. Our Engineers are always looking for ways to keep you connected – the only hard part is saying “Good-Bye.”

Sounds such as violins, synthesizers or wind instruments are known to confuse other hearing instruments into believing feedback is present. This could alter the way you hear music as well as other types of signals such as alarms or beep tones. Not with EVõK! Music Maestro ensures that your EVõK will not be caught off guard, so sit back and enjoy the music.
Beethoven would be proud!

Think of this as several hearing instruments built into one. Switching between programs is a breeze. When certain environments create challenges for other hearing instruments, EVõK excels. With up to five programs, your fitting specialist will be able to custom tailor your instruments to your needs.
Noisy environments, telephone, television, music and mute are the most sought after memories. But, if you wish to custom fit all your memories for different music styles, there is nothing stopping you! EVõK is flexible and personal.